Monday, May 18, 2009

A Big "Be Safe" Shout-Out to Nosers in Los Angeles!

Heard about last night's 4.7 earthquake and the several aftershocks! Hang in there and I was just watching something that said you're in an active earthquake period right now, so hang on, too!

Other than the unthinkable Big One that is yet to come and the terrible damage caused by some of the others, I always enjoyed earthquakes while I lived there. Nothing quite like one, is there, with the ground just pitching about around you and you just grab and hope it stops sometime soon.

And watch your animals! I swear, before one of the big ones in the 1970s, my cat wanted to go outside in the worst way, and not but a couple of minutes later we had a really big one. They know these things!

Anyway, since this wasn't a big one, hope you enjoyed the ride!

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Jane said...

Bob was oblivious and slept right through it and CNN was on hyper-alert and refused to come back into the house last night. All I felt was a little shove as I lay on the couch watching Shindler's List for the second time (HBO on Demand.)