Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Star Date: 2009.05.08: First Flaming Nose Officer's Log

It's official. The Flaming Nose founders have caught Star Trek fever and want to share that feeling with our readers and fellow fans. While the upcoming movie (set to release May 8th, 2009) is not technically a television topic, it definitely qualifies for the Nose. Without the original TV series, and the obsessive devotion of its multi-generational minions, it would not be possible to launch a movie of this scale. Paramount has always believed in the franchise. After countless TV spinoffs, movie sequels, conventions and documentaries...we eagerly await the latest incarnation. This movie prequel follows the early years of Trekkie icons Kirk and Spock, and is already one of the most highly anticipated Star Trek properties for the big screen. We can expect the best ever special effects and edge of the seat action, thanks to director J.J. Abrams who is hotter than Alpha Centauri. Also, we think we saw a flash of the young Kirk's butt in one of the many trailers circulating out there. Feel free to discuss and speculate endlessly.

I've checked out the official Star Trek movie site which is accessible from about 5 different locations now on The Flaming Nose. It is definitely worth a visit. Great music, pix, video and skins to download, but I could not find a count down widget. We are on a mission to boldly go and find one to post soon. Paramount geeks, if you are miraculously reading this, can you provide?

Over the next few weeks we will wax poetic and passionately about the immense and pulsating sociological event that is Star Trek.The actual brand STAR TREK is so powerful, it would definitely be able to survive a hostile encounter with an alien life-form on another planet. This is why most real-life NASA astronauts say that Star Trek was their inspiration for becoming pioneers on the Final Frontier. We agree 100% with that gung ho thumbs up, but are also so confident in our unconditional love for Star Trek, that we can allow UGC spoofs like the stop action gem below. Behold...a Star Trek Spock doll sings..."My Prerogative"! Live long and prosper, everybody!


Lisa said...

I was also a lot surprised to not see a countdown widget anywhere on Paramount's site!

It's an essential! Somebody, make one!

Yep, we've got Star Trek fever around here!

Amy said...

Oh, the joy of it all! Kirk's naked butt, really? The karaoke is hilarious!

I am so disappointed, however, that the film opens the very day I'm leaving for the Midwest to pack and collect my daughter. I realize I can't ask Jane to wait until I return, what with missing the opening day hoopla and all. But I will say a special Vulcan prayer that the release date will be moved by a few days in either direction. If not, I'll have to see it with the only other Trekkie I know, my Dad. And I don't think he's even that excited about Star Trek anymore :(

Jane said...

Well there still is the option of the Thursday midnight showing Amy! If I take the next day off, I don't care if I'm up real late. We must discuss. This is a BIG EVENT, so maybe there is a way to make it happen. Worse comes to worse, I will see it again with you. Heck, I'll probably end up seeing it over and over again.