Sunday, March 29, 2009

"The Mighty Boosh" Takes a Dip in Cartoon Network's Adult Swim

I've written a few times before about The Mighty Boosh -- most extensively here -- one of my favorite British comedy series. Though Boosh used to turn up infrequently on BBC America (before that network started running almost everything but great British TV), it now looks like America will be getting a chance to see a bit more of it.

Cartoon Network's late-night franchise Adult Swim begins airing The Mighty Boosh Sunday nights beginning tonight at 1am and repeating at 5am. (If you're an Adult Swim regular, you may recognize some Gareth Marengi's Darkplace performers in Boosh, most notably the tall Julian Barratt who plays the jazzy Howard Moon in TMB.)

I guarantee that you have never seen anything quite like The Mighty Boosh, but I can't say that you will necessarily fall for it right away, as Adult Swim is starting their run with the third season of the series. Wouldn't be my choice, of course. The first season is superb, charming, hilarious, completely winning. The second is brilliant, insane, also hilarious. The third is also great and won several top comedy awards, but you'll be coming into the show cold without understanding the whole zeitgeist of Boosh.

But that shouldn't stop you from sampling The Mighty Boosh, and delving into the show's imaginative world. A movie version is rumored to be in the works -- let's hope it goes better than the long-delayed and probably never-will-be Red Dwarf film -- and it's high time TMB got a chance to make a pop culture mark over here, too.

We've been treated lately to a barrage of smart and unusual comedy -- The Flight of the Conchords, Entourage, Summer Heights High, Eastbound and Down, and now The Mighty Boosh. Though Adult Swim's demo may not be you anymore, don't let the young male slacker viewers hog all the fun of TMB!

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