Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vulcan Fights for Premiere of New Star Trek Movie!

You all do know that there's a town called Vulcan in Alberta, Canada, that celebrates Star Trek, don't you? Well, here's the latest news, in light of the new movie premiering in May:

Original Spock Klings-on to role for Alberta town in movie premiere
Last Updated: Thursday, March 19, 2009 3:35 PM MT
The Canadian Press

Mr. Spock is going to bat for the tiny southern Alberta town of Vulcan which was told this week it wouldn't be getting the premiere of the new Star Trek movie.

Actor Leonard Nimoy, who played the character born on the planet Vulcan, says he's disappointed Paramount Pictures couldn't work out details to get Star Trek XI shown in the town on opening day, May 8.

Town officials said Paramount Canada told them timing and logistics problems would make such an event impossible.

Dayna Dickens, Vulcan's tourism co-ordinator, says instead Paramount officials invited the town to participate in a promotional screening of the film in Calgary a few days before it opens.
Nimoy says he intends to do what it takes to make sure the town southeast of Calgary can be a significant part of the premiere.

Dickens says she received a call from Nimoy on Thursday morning but thought it was a hoax.
She says she receives calls on a regular basis from people claiming to be Mr. Spock, Capt. James Kirk or the Enterprise's engineer Scotty.

Dickens says Nimoy's support is welcome and she hopes he will agree to visit Vulcan at its annual Vul-con convention and Spock Days Rodeo.

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The Flaming Nose is 100% behind the campaign to get the new Star Trek movie to Vulcan! We love the town for its unadulterated love and support of Trek! Good luck and congrats to Leonard Nimoy for his support of Vulcan!

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