Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sending Get Well Wishes to Peter Tork, of the Monkees

The Flaming Nose offers our heartfelt hopes for a speedy recovery to former Monkee Peter Tork, who has just been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. His treatment will begin immediately and he hopes to be back performing with his band Shoe Suede Blues as soon as possible.
The sunny-faced and amiable Peter Tork was always a charming presence on The Monkees -- of course you remember that the series won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series in 1967! -- and we will keep him in our thoughts as he does battle with the Big C.

Here's a cute clip of Peter during the amazing "Monkees on Tour" episode, a crazy cinema-verite segment of the series following the boys as they went on a concert tour.

We love you, Peter!


Jane said...

Oh no! We will keep Peter in our thoughts. He was always the "smart" Monkee!

Dean Treadway said...

Love you, Peter! "No, I'm the dummy." No, he isn't. He may be the smartest of them all. LOVE THE MONKEES!