Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The New "Star Trek" Movie Trailer!

If there's one thing you can say about The Flaming Nose it's this -- we're Star Trek fans!

Here's the newest version of the promo trailer for the movie which opens May 8th!

I have to say, Zachary Quinto from Heroes looks awesome as Spock!

Here's the link to the official movie website! Enjoy!


Jane said...

RATS! The video has been removed already. I have an earlier version posted on my MySpace profile, and it was not removed!'s how excited we are about the May advent of the new Star Trek movie. I am collecting assorted fans (my son Tommy so far, possible friends of his...Amy is also a probably) to go see it at the Thursday night midnight screening at the old Cineramadome (now Arclight) theatre on Sunset in Hollywood. Fingers crossed that they are not sold out already!

Lisa said...

I put a new one up! It's a terrific trailer, isn't it?

Wish I were there to go on your premiere-night movie journey with you!

I'll have to travel down the road to see it, but see it I will!

Can't wait!