Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let The Trek Begin!

Okay, nothing's funnier or better than the Star Trek TOS fight music from the episode "Amok Time". You know what it is -- probably the only piece of television background music which has attained a life of its own. Fred Steiner wrote it, and it's the perfect all-purpose choice for any conflict situation, including it being hilariously used here to score a couple of cats playfighting:

Stay tuned for more Trek moments and inspirations!


Jane said...

THE BEST FUNNY CAT VIDEO EVER!!! I shall watch it a billion times! And it's pretty obvious the black one is Spock and the calico is Kirk. Although, biologically speaking, Calico's are generally female, 99.9% of the time.

Lisa said...

I agree, Spock is the dark kitty.

And you SOUND just like Spock in your last sentence.


Jane said...

We're baaaaaaack! It's starting all over again, the bizarre Trek musings of Lisa and Jane, only this time in cyber-space instead of running xerox copies down the halls of KTLA. Another testament to the longevity of our beloved series!