Sunday, March 22, 2009

HBO Finales Tonight for "Conchords", "Big Love"

Can it really be that time again? Have we gone through another mini-season of two of our favorite shows?

Indeed we have. HBO's polygamist drama Big Love has its third season finale tonight at 9pm -- but again, a season is only 12 or 13 episodes, not 22 like things used to be back when -- and it's been a superb season, too. Since the middle of January Big Love has been unerringly offering wonderful acting -- there's no better cast out there, in major or supporting roles, and so many interesting faces, too! -- a plot filled with twisted and ingenious family dynamics, and a continually riveting glimpse into people of faith of a more unconventional kind. What a great show.

And we're crying real screaming teenybopper-type tears because our Flaming Nose Favorite Flight of the Conchords, starring the talented and adorable Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, is ending its second season tonight at 10pm. Each half-hour flies by, filled with memorable characters, skilled comic performances, and the Conchords' trademark songs, mostly done as elaborate and hugely entertaining music videos within the episodes. (I always watch with the Closed Captioning on -- hate to miss any of their lyrics!). Lots of highlights this year and we just can't believe this batch of episodes is done. Love you guys!

HBO is on a wonderful roll, and we haven't even written about Eastbound and Down, which had a very short run that's also ending tonight. Try to catch up with the six episodes -- they grow on you, and the lead performance of Danny McBride as Kenny Powers is quite terrific.

We love that television is so active these days, with new shows seeming to pop up willy nilly and there's always something amazing to watch!


Jane said...

I am sorry to have to report this because I love FOTC like there's no tomorrow, but I was just a teensy bit disappointed with the season finale. They should have saved the "Sugar Lumps" episode for last. It's not like there's any kind of continuing narrative that would be wrecked if they ran them in a different order.

Lisa said...

I agree. Weak last episode. I was also underwhelmed. The only thing about this one is it did leave them in a completely different situation, which could presage the show NOT continuing for another season, as has been discussed, because of how difficult it is to produce the show. Hope not! Didn't really like any of the musical sequences in this episode very much, even the cannibalism number which normally might have been a winner. So many great eps this season -- this one was a bit of a loser, I'm totally with you on that point. Tis a shame! If we recall, last season's final ep was also not-so-great, as we discussed back then!