Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to Leonard Nimoy! And Belated Congrats to William Shatner!

In keeping with our current bout of pon farr over the new Star Trek movie, we couldn't be happier to wish our favorite Vulcan a very happy birthday today, March 26! Leonard Nimoy turns 78 years old today. Over his long career, including everything he's done besides Trek (and there's plenty, especially his acclaimed photography), he's always been the prime example of a true artist, ever on a quest for truth and beauty.

What can we say? We love him.

And we missed the March 22nd birthday a few days ago of another Trek icon, the great and indefatigable William Shatner, who has personified the definition of "working actor" -- always there, always performing, always reinventing his acting persona to discover new opportunities, and always with a delightful sense of fun that continues to charm new fans. He also turned 78 -- how wonderful is it that original Kirk and Spock were born only days apart? It's magic!

What else can we say? We love William Shatner, too. Sigh.

Happy Birthday to both our space guys, and thanks for all the wonderful years of entertainment!


Jane said...

Happy Birthday Leonard and Bill! No one deserves a Flaming Nose birthday shout out more than these guys. I like to think of them sharing a piece of cake together on their joint b-days. I know they are close friends and have done Passover Sedars together. It makes me misty eyed. They are the only two people on the planet who understand the Zen like weirdness of being Spock and Kirk. I would like to wish them both, "Live Long and Prosper!"

amy said...

Leonard, you're still sexy and will probably always be. Bill, I'm disappointed you bulked up but at 78, I'll give you a pass. I just can't believe you're both Jewish. Landsmen! What are you doing for Passover?

Lisa said...

Amy, I'm glad you said what Jane and I have always thought about Leonard! S-E-X-Y!!!