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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Viral Video Moment: Cloud Surfing with Coldplay

Starting a new Flaming Nose feature: great YouTube or MySpace or other viral videos that should be noticed.
Here's a glorious five minute video break, compliments of YouTube, featuring a VFA-192 aircraft. If you've had a bad day, good day, or even indifferent day, you will feel a little bit better after spending a few moments soaring through the clouds in this jet with Cold Play in the background. Leave the motion sickness pills on the ground and enjoy.


Scott said...

I shall be posting Mavid. Mavid = Micheal Johns + David Cook... and their "mavid dance" each night during the group number on the tour has gone viral. With controversy too! It's also called the Brodance, as MJ & DC have a deep bro'mance going on!
I'll post a compiliation clip from youtube later today and a write-up.
LOVE this idea.

Jane said...

Thanks Scott, this will be a fun addition to the Flaming Nose. I started thinking we should branch out to TV on the Internet, and what better way than with favorite videos. Can't wait to see yours!