Friday, August 15, 2008

Simon's Cat

We're all cat lovers here, so get ready for a thrill. A series of award-winning short films by Brit Simon Tofield collectively called Simon's Cat is the best filmic representation I've ever seen of both cat behavior and cat-owner behavior. It's creating a deserved sensation on the web, with tribute videos and everything, and there are only three short episodes made as of yet. But I definately wanna see more. In Homer Simpson's immortal words "It's funny, cuz it's true!" If you don't have a furball that purrs, it's just like this, my friends. I love my grey ones Marty and Angelo (pictured above--they're brothers) despite of and because of it all. Enjoy!!!

I know you're smiling now. And clicking on 'em to see 'em again!


Scott said...

Those films are hilariouis. Cats are certifiably insane! Yet brilliant.

Lisa said...

Adorable! Cats rule!

Jane said...

Dean, you have absolutely made my day. On behalf of Bob and CNN (my cat masters) fantastic. Watched all of them, loved them all.