Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mad Men: Deeper, Darker, Better

Time for a Mad Men update. We are three episodes into the new season and it is better than ever. More of the dark machinery driving the ad business, more of the hidden lives and shenanigans in the 1960's. This week's 3rd episode (The Benefactor) finds our mysterious hero Don Draper in a weird power struggle and really steamy sex tryst with the wife/agent of a loose cannon comedian who stars in one of Sterling Cooper's big account commercials. Meanwhile, Don's ice queen spouse spends her days riding horses at the country club where she has become MILF eye candy for a rich young college boy. My favorite moment of the night? Don breaks out of his passive indifference and (literally) applies the pressure to get Bobbie the agent to make her crazy husband apologize to important clients at ritzy NY restaurant. It's a surprising and red-hot moment for basic cable. Keep your fingers on the DVR rewind for this one!

In the historical accuracy department, there is a fabulous B story about Harry the Media Buyer manipulating a raise to the (lofty) amount of $220. per week. He doesn't realize it yet, but being made head of "television" at Sterling-Cooper in 1962 is the real prize.

Post-script--Don fires his dud of a secretary (thank God) and Joan the red haired office goddess moves into the position temporarily.

Oh, how we wish we could watch every single episode of this series at once. The only thing bad about Mad Men? Waiting until next Sunday's episode. The promo below gives a little taste of what you'll get when you tune into the controlled insanity on AMC's MM.


Lisa said...

I can't wait to watch this one again -- the show absolutely enhances upon repeated viewing. I always love an aggressive comedian character -- totally f*cked up, just like some real-life role models. You've got us all salivating for the next episode, Jane!

Scott said...

You all need to know that Harry and I are together really because of two things: I Love Lucy and Utz potato chips! Bonding over those two things happend the course of 2 months in a summer rental in Sea Isle City, NJ in the summer of '94. The 2 of us were just dumbfounded (in a good way) that our favorite show had Utz as a main theme of this episode. I am now committed to this series until it's final episode - even if it takes a wrong turn in a later season!
Oh, and this episode was brilliant. Sub-texts and metaphores galore!

Jane said...

I am so glad you guys got to watch it and love it like I did. I thought Utz potato chips were real, of course. This show is phenomenal when it comes to historical accuracy. I think their set and prop designers should win Emmy's for sure. Yum, now I wish I had some east coast Wise potato chips! Those were awesome too!