Friday, August 22, 2008

David Cook Meets "The Orange Bracelet Girl"

Great television this morning in the Tampa/St. Petersburgh area. The local Fox station captured the moment when 7 year old leukemia patient (and uber-David Cook fan) Lindsey Rose met her idol. Grab a box of tissues first!

For those who don't know, a couple of weeks into "American Idol" Season 7, David Cook met Lindsey's father Charlie Belcher, a reporter for WTVT MyFoxTampaBay. Belcher told David about Lindsey Rose and how she picked him to win the moment she saw him. He told David about orange wristbands family and friends are wearing to show their support for her. David asked for one, and has worn it during every performance since - through the rest of AI Season 7, during his TV appearances after his big win, and on the AI Live Tour this summer. Belcher says during each performance, Lindsey Rose would completely forget about her illness. I will post some links so you can read more about this heart warming story.

Yesterday David kept his promise to meet her when the AI Tour stopped in Tampa. She spent the afternoon with him, saw the concert (he dedicated "My Hero" to her) and then hung around with him after the show. Tears.

Left: Lindsey Rose with David during afternoon fan "meet & greets." Right: Lindsey is thrilled to sign autographs!

Links to background articles: 4/132344/little-lindsey-roses-favorite-idol-singer-wears-wr/


tkwagner said...

That was such a great thing for her to be able to meet him. She looked ecstatic to meet him. I also love the shot of them walking hand in hand!

Jane said...

David Cook is on his way to becoming the nicest, most humanitarian rock star ever. Bono better watch his back!