Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nose-talgia: "The Pruitts of Southampton"

Boy, here's an obscure one for you! I don't particularly remember the show itself, though the theme song and lyrics have been etched in my memory with razor sharp clarity for over forty years. Small wonder, since it was written by the amazing Vic Mizzy, and I recommend visiting his wonderful website for more information and some great audio clips. I'm sure you recall his terrific theme for the Don Knott's feature film The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, and there are so many more! Phyllis Diller starred -- you'll learn the basic plot from the lyrics -- and she's completely adorable in this opening theme sequence to CBS' The Pruitts of Southampton, from 1966. (Interesting side note: the novel upon which the series was based was written by Patrick Dennis, who also brought us the unforgettable Auntie Mame.) Enjoy!

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Scott said...

Wow, that certainly was obscure. What a different little world it was back then! I must check out that site!