Sunday, August 17, 2008

HBO Documentary Series is All Together

Lisa mentioned a few posts earlier some of the great work HBO is doing with their documentary film series. One of the most recent examples was "We Are All Together", the saga of a band of AID's orphans in South Africa, who form a singing group and against all odds make a CD and travel to NYC to showcase their music. The story is uplifting, the music is gorgeous...and like any HBO documentary effort, the production is top, top notch. Check the HBO website for times and your heart will soar with the journey.


Lisa said...

I've missed some of them, but they do have a pretty good replay schedule. Thanks for bringing the other ones to our attention! When people say they're nothing to watch on TV that isn't junk, we know where to point them!

Jane said...

Very true. But having said that, the new Fall season can't come a minute too soon in my opinion. I'm having to dig mighty deep to come up with new post ideas these days. I've got a Monk post planned, that's about it!