Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fastest Human Swimmer Alive

OK, I don't want to go overboard, but the Nose is all about television, and these days absolutely everyone in the US is watching the Olympics on NBC. A lot of that interest is being driven by the super-human athlete Michael Phelps, who is now 6 down, 3 to go for winning the most gold medals for swimming in Olympic history.

You really have to watch him in the water to get it, he is surreal. He goes so fast, he actually leaves a wake, like a motorboat. There are, apparently, no human beings on the planet who can even come close to his ability in the water.
Today's press was speculating, that after these Olympics, Phelps will have the highest value for advertising sponsors in the history of sports. Something in the realm of $50-$100 million dollars. I'm guessing this 20-something super hero will not retire on that money. I hope he will donate just a little bit of it to helping preserve the habitat for the only other mammal on the planet faster in the water than him.

Go for the gold MP!!!

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Scott said...

I'm all about class acts these days. And Phelps is truly a class act, as well as an amazing athlete. Like so many others, I haven't been this into the Olympics in decades.