Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We're On The "Fringe": New Sci-Fi Series this Fall

We love to give a heads up to pilots that look really interesting for the new Fall Season 2008. Here's one on Fox that's premiering September 9th at 8pm called FRINGE. It's brought to us by the hotter than the sun J.J. Abrams (Lost, Cloverfield). True to form, the first episode will be mysterious, frightening and chock full of maddening plot complexities. A plane lands at Logan's airport in Boston, but there is no one on the flight left alive. What happened to Flight #627? Calling all extremely attractive FBI agents, Homeland Security officials and Mad Scientists....FOX would like your help to get some (but never, ever all) answers here so this new series can soar to the top of the ratings chart.

No big name stars in FRINGE as far as I can see, but "Lost" didn't have any either and look how far that one has traveled. The trailer (below) looks really good. Let's hope this one delivers more on the promise than the very disappointing Andromeda Strain remake that we reviewed a few months ago.

Note to you have a bit of an anxiety problem with commercial air travel? Here comes another series I'll never be able to watch while I'm on a turbulent cross-country business trip. But I can't wait to see the first episode in the safety of my own living room. It has all the elements that (I think) might make a successful series: sex, science, long-loud explosions and people with high cheekbones. Mark your calendars Sci-Fi Nose fans!


Lisa said...

Can't wait for this one! I noticed that my fave Canadian actor Peter Outerbridge is in at least one episode -- could he be a regular? That would be wonderful! Definitely on my short list for most interesting series coming up! Thanks for the heads up!

Dantes said...

Jane--let's see if FOX can pull this off tonight!