Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert of "Meet the Press" Passes Away at 58

The Flaming Nose is very saddened to learn of the death today of television political journalist Tim Russert, NBC's Washington Bureau Chief and current host of their excellent weekend news discussion program Meet the Press, a network staple for more than sixty years. Russert had been the host of Meet the Press since 1991, and had been with NBC News for many years before that, winning awards throughout his long career, including a 2005 Emmy for his part in the coverage of the funeral of President Reagan.

Mr. Russert was also the recipient of various honors for his service to youth organizations, his well-known reputation as a top-notch father (and son) figure, and as a proud Irishman. Read his full biography on NBC's website to get a real appreciation of this multi-talented newsman.

I know many of us were looking forward to spending Sunday mornings with Tim Russert and Meet the Press during this upcoming election season. His loss will be deeply felt by all who knew him personally and by all viewers who appreciated his dedication and lively demeanor on the show. (To get an idea of the esteem in which he was held by his audience, I recommend a visit to the NBC Message board where people are "Remembering Tim Russert".)

Here is a short recent appearance by Tim Russert on NBC's Today Show, with Matt Lauer, discussing Scott McLellan's new book about his time in the Bush White House.

Here is Tom Brokaw's announcement yesterday of Tim Russert's death.

Tim Russert, 1950 - 2008.


Dean Treadway said...

Beyond heartstricken. Can find no words. TV's most fearless journalist, and one of the most respected, is gone. Sundays just will not recover from this loss. I am sincerely shocked and saddened by this. To the core.
PS: "Meet The Press" (the Russert years) is in the top 40 of my 100 Favorite TV Shows list. That's how much Mr. Russert means to me. Damn...this sucks.

Anonymous said...

How very sad and such a huge loss, which the television news industry can ill afford given the caliber of their journalists today. He ranks, without a doubt, as one of best in broadcast journalism. My channel of choice is MSNBC, particularly for the election coverage, because of Russert and Chris Matthews. I agree with Dean that Sundays won't recover from his loss, but I do think Chris Matthews would be an excellent replacement.

Amy said...

The above comment is mine. Don't know why it published as anonymous.

Jane said...

In today's political climate, journalism is often highly polarizing and contentious and split along party lines. Tim Russert attracted viewers from both sides of the fence, with is so rare these days. Compare his even handed approach to blow hards like Rush Limbaugh on the right and Keith Olberman on the left. Mr. Russert will be missed.

Scott said...

It was shocking when we got word in the newsroom on Friday. Very sad indeed.

Lisa said...

Watching all the tribute material over the weekend, including a 2006 Larry King interview, was completely depressing. What a decent guy, so articulate and even-handed. He had the gift of being able to impart information in a way that anyone could understand and come away knowing so much more than they had before. Not talking down, but laying it out, which is something that the American public sorely needs for this coming election cycle. What a truly untimely loss. And what a great guy, a perfect bridge between the average citizen and the elected few, and such a warm personality. Boy, the true extent of the repercussions of Tim Russert not being around anymore will continue to be felt for so very long, I'm sure. So sad.