Friday, June 6, 2008

Meerkat Manor:The Next Generation--Season Premier Friday (Tonight) at 9PM!

Quick! What's smarter than a 5th grader, cuter than a bassinet full of Brad and Angelina babies and has more drama than a dozen HBO specials? That's right...Meerkat Manor is back, with season #4 premiering tonight on Animal Planet. What exactly is a Meerkat? Is it a weasel? Some sort of elongated rodent? It certainly isn't a cat, so it is very poorly named. In fact, the meerkat is a type of mongoose, and its scientific name is "Suricata suricatta".

The Meerkats on this Animal Planet mega-hit live in South Africa and their lives are filled with complex emotional relationships and intrigue. Watch as they form alliances, plan wars with neighboring clans, eat scorpions and heroically defend their impossibly cute offspring. Laugh as they stand on their tip toes and survey the Savannah. And (it's only fair to warn our more sensitive readers), cry when favorite characters meet their demise. I still have not gotten over the premature passing of brave and noble Whisker's clan matriarch "Flower", who clashed with a cobra last season. If you are tired of reality programs that showcase human stupidity, and would like something more uplifting, this show is for you. Tune in or set your DVR for fun, tonight at 9pm on Animal Planet.

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Lisa said...

The success of this show has always given me hope that perhaps the world isn't entirely doomed! Thanks for the heads-up on the new season! One more summer start to celebrate!