Friday, June 6, 2008

Remembering RFK, 1925 - 1968

No matter what your politics, one has to grieve and regret when a talented and dedicated statesman is lost, especially from an assassination. The following is a fascinating video of footage taken from the funeral train of Robert F. Kennedy as his body traveled across country after his murder in Los Angeles on this date, June 6, forty years ago, after winning the California Democratic primary. It is a moving time capsule of what the nation was like back in those days, and I think you will...not enjoy it, exactly, but consider the few moments you took to watch it very well spent.


Jane said...

I think there is a notion that we are living in tremendously violent times, but in truth, the 60's were far more violent with so many US leaders assisinated. It seems hard for us to imagine now. Then again, back in the 60's could we ever have imagined that 3000 Americans would be murdered just by showing up for work in a NY high rise one bright September morning? God truly must weep at what we humans do to each other. This is a very moving video, Lisa!

Scott said...

Great post Lisa. Shot on 16mm film, our childhoods really do seem like a long time ago. Similar to the way faded footage of The Great Depression & WWII seemed to us when we watched those films in 1968. The whole notion of a train taking his body back east is so amazing. That would never happen today. What would the turnout be like today for a procession? It is a different world.

Jeri said...

Imagine all of those people along the train tracks just days before cheering at what they thought would be their hope in the White House. I remember I was studying for finals in college and was watching the primary. Finally fell asleep and when I awoke my world had changed. I fell asleep with Bobby winning and awoke to his eventual death. I didn't do well on that final. I remember watching the train procession. I remember listening to the speeches at the funeral. I also remember a heartbroken Andy Williams singing the Lord's Prayer. The world was different then. In a strange way the 60's brought people together. But here we are 40 years later still very much apart.