Saturday, June 7, 2008

And We'll Be Right Back... After Another Brief Pause!

Ok, so I had to add these two marvelous commercials from the 60s & 70s. I already commented on Jane's previous post - you can check it out below. These two spots are among my all-time favorites. The first one is from the early 1970s (my time in Warwick, NY) and the second is from the mid 1960s (my time in Bayside, NY). Both commercials bring me right back to those respective places and times.


Lisa said...

Two marvelous commercials, Scott! I have remarked many times on the Turner Classic Movies Blog (where I also contribute) about the almost unbelievable way America rediscovered classic movies during the '70s in a real way, loving them as camp and as well as genuine entertainment, resulting in great ads like that one with 1950s musical star Miller (and wonderful character actor Dave Willock). Then we all knew that it was an homage to Busby Berkeley, thanks to the revival of old movies in popular culture. Amazing time, that was! And Wilder's read on his ad...adorable!

Jane said...

These are great spots. I remember thinking the head was kind of creepy when I was a kid. Now I think Prozac or some other antidepressant uses that animation technique in their spots. What ever happened to Great American Soup? Was it a Campbell's spin off? I could probably spend a whole day cruising You Tube for old TV spots. The cigarette one fascinate me more than anything, because they are so politically incorrect in today's environment!

Scott said...

Lani Kazan was on KTLA the other day (great appearance. I LOVE her). One of the hosts remarked how her late 60s or early 70s duet with Dean Martin (I think on his show) is big on youtube right now. It's an adorable clip. But the funny thing was when she said she loved watching it on youtube, and that she then noticed all the other links of her performances on the right, and she found the early 70s Noxema spot she did! You can find that easily on youtube. The idea of Lani Kazan cruising youtube cracked me up.