Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just One More...A Magnificent Commercial

While we are on the topic, I just had to post one more commercial. This one is more poem than plug, and is absolutely unforgettable, even though it only aired once in the first Superbowl following the attacks on 9-11. A team of huge, gorgeous Clydesdale horses are led out of their barn at dawn. We see them pulling their wagon through the streets on a frosty morning, as people watch from behind windows. They cross the Brooklyn Bridge. The shot pulls back and we see the Manhattan skyline, but of course the Twin Towers are missing. The camera pulls back a little bit more and there is the Statue of Liberty. And then, amazingly for such an enormous animal, the lead horse kneels in tribute. A small Budweiser logo appears for a second in the middle of the frame. Fade to black. 60 seconds that are guaranteed to make your eyes water and your heart beat a little bit faster. And you don't even have to like beer.


Dean Treadway said...

wow. what can i say? amazing!

Scott said...

Yep, that did it. Liberal, conservative, young, old, black, white. If you don't feel it after those 60 seconds then you're probably not human.