Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Finals are in Town

Yup, it's that time of year again. The ultimate basketball prize is on the line as the NBA finals start.
As if on cue, two decades after the Lakers and Celtics historic finals battles, they will once again clash on the NBA's biggest stage. It is no surprise that the people of Los Angeles and Boston are all saying the same thing, "We're Back!" The Celtics and Lakers both have rich histories and rivalrys. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird went at it in the 80's. Kobe Bryant and Paul Pierce will do it now. Ever since the Kevin Garnett trade, the Celtics knew this was where they would be. The Lakers, on the other hand, with Kobe Bryant questioning the team's dedication and asking for a trade, were not expected to make it this far. When Mitch Kupchack went from lousy GM to basketball guru after his brilliant Pau Gasol trade, the tables turned. The average Joe would choose the Celtics to win because of their 66-16 regular season. But the Celtics have struggled mightily on the road during the post season and Kobe Bryant as always will be tough to contain but will also shut down Ray Allen at the other end of the floor. Also, Pau Gasol should pose a threat to Kevin Garnett. Therefore, it is up to Paul Pierce and Kobe Bryant to carry their teams. My prediction: Celtics in 6. You heard it here first on The Flaming Nose! Coverage begins on June 5th, ABC 9:00 ET

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Scott said...

Michael, a love your writing. Seriously. It's taken me decades to hone my writing skills, and I do it for a living! I think you've got a great head start already. You need to consider this as a career choice.