Tuesday, December 4, 2007

T-Minus Two More Episodes and Counting

I am wracking my brain for a hook to cover this week's Dexter! Isn't that weird? I feel oddly ambivalent about it...can't quite find the mojo for something to say that hasn't been said before. I feel like this week's episode was more of a "bridge" to advance the plot a bit more towards whatever they will do next week. Expository-city. The only thing that was truly revealed, which I suppose is too depressing for me to deal with on a Sunday night, is that our Dexter is so appalling, his adopted Dad had to kill himself when he realized that his monstrous lab-rat creation was a sicko beyond all repair.

Also--I really do feel sorry for Doakes now. I have terrible claustrophobia, and the thought of him trapped in that hot, sweaty cage in the Everglades. Well. It's quite dreadful.

I am getting too emotionally involved with the characters ...must have distance from them..yet also must find a way to be even closer.

Actually, I'm happy for Deb and Agent Lundy. His line about thinking that once the "novelty of his AARP discount wore off" she'd dump him in a heart beat, was absolutely precious. Keith Carradine is a much better actor than I ever would have suspected. This has been a dream role for him, he's quite sexy and adorable, and has aged much more attractively than his Kung Fu brother.

Lila must die. That is what I live for as we near the end. In a series full of miscreants and ne'er do wells, she is the lowest of the low.

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