Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year with "The Jack Benny Show"!

From back in the day, check out this adorable New Year's Eve episode of The Jack Benny Show on Veoh (another great source for online TV), originally broadcast on December 31, 1961! The Flaming Nose loves classic TV and we all grew up on it.

I particularly love and admire Jack Benny, whose easy comedic style and phenomenally popular weekly show made the transition from radio to TV in 1949, though he did both until 1955 when he stopped the radio show. This episode finds Jack facing New Year's Eve without a date, poor fella....

Happy New Year to all our TFN fans, as Jane related in her post!

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Jane said...

Jack Benny was my Dad's favorite comedian ever. He thought he was the most hilarious person on earth. Hope they are both "havin' a laugh" up on that big stage in the sky!