Sunday, December 9, 2007

I think this is scary, folks: Major copyright bill boosts penalties, creates new agency

In the aftermath of the $222,000 jury verdict that the Recording Industry Association of America recently won against a Minnesota woman who shared 24 songs on Kazaa, the U.S. Congress is preparing to amend copyright law.Politicians want to increase penalties for copyright infringement.It's no joke.

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Jane said...

The entire recording industry presents the most pitiful example of a stomach churning corporate meltdown I have ever seen. And there are plenty in life, but this is the worst. Here is an old fashioned, powerless, dying, flacid industry...and all the legal mojo and Viagra in the entire universe will never help it rise again. Instead of coming up with new business models to embrace the Internet, they have decided to go after middle aged moms and middle income grandmothers to draw some sort of retarded line in the sand. All it has earned them is enormous ill will and horrible PR. Oh...and the support of the federal government, a jack booted Big Brother to come kick the little guys and protect a corrupt, sleazy, dying industry. So depressing. Yet another reason to become a libertarian, every day we have so few liberties left.