Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hooray for Hulu on MySpace TV

OK Nose fans, here is an excellent tip. You have to check out the new "hulu" feature of MySpace TV. It is a fabulous site if you want to watch streaming videos of Fox and NBC television programs past and present. Want to see Simpsons or the latest House programs? Are you a big fan of 30 Rock? How about classic TV like Adam 12 or Alfred Hitchcock? From Bionic Woman and Bones to Queer Eye, you can find it all here. It's quick, and it is easy. You can also find the newest Internet "mini" programs like QuarterLife and RoomMates. I highly recommend...these little shows are episodic and only a few minutes long. Perfect for a lunch break at work if you have high speed access, no corporate firewall and a progressive company that won't fire you if you are surfing the net. Nose people, you know that I am not one to post plugs, but this is a good tip for TV people, so go see for yourself and bookmark it.
Here is the link, and have fun.

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Jane said...

What an excellent, thoughtful, inspiring Dexter entry. I start every Sunday thinking about how glad I am that it's Dexter-Day, and now the anticipation is even greater, after reading Lisa's excellent blog!