Friday, December 21, 2007

So, Did You Watch The "Extras" Finale on HBO Yet?

If you already have, watch it again. If you haven't, be sure to catch it while it's still running. We hate to nag you (we've already told you about this special), but we feel we need to.

Sure, it's funny, but like most of the Extras episodes, it's got an undercurrent of melancholy and dissatisfaction that is completely mesmerizing. If you can't stand your comedy mixed up with your drama, leave this one alone. It will bug you too much if all you want is kicks and giggles.

If, on the other hand, you relish the heartbreaking along with the hilarious, this series finale of Extras (which isn't really a Christmas show at all, which is fine) will give you all the ammunition you need to once again assert with complete assurance that the British simply do it better than anyone else.

Especially great in this episode is Ashley Jensen (you may know her better from Ugly Betty) as Maggie, now-successful Andy (Ricky Gervais) Millman's best friend who's been shunted to the sidelines and finds herself on hard times. Tremendously effective use of Kate Bush's song "This Woman's Work" underscores Maggie's rather desperate and affecting circumstances. All women of a certain age should understand and respond to Jensen's amazing work here. Also wonderful, as always, is Stephen Merchant as Andy's (ex) agent Darren. What am I saying? They're all good, of course.

Don't miss this one! If you're not convinced yet, watch this short promo for the episode with Gervais and Merchant. Check out the HBO Extras website for info and schedule information -- it runs tomorrow on HBO and of course on HBO Comedy, and other times, too.


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Jane said...

I watched this special right before taking off for Christmas vacation. In a year of exceptional TV (Dexter, 30 Rock, The Office, Flight of the Conchords, Lost), this final episode of The Extras stands at the top of the heap. For anyone who has spent any time at all working in "the business", it captured the humor and the hideous hypocrisy of life among the media elite. The scene with the beautiful extra Maggie being treated like a piece of trash by Clive Owen (and I love Clive...hope this hasn't ruined him for me!) was tragic, and I was moved to tears. But I also fell on the floor laughing when Ricky Gervais' tummy girdle burst during an audition. The Extra finale has it all; if there is one TV show to catch for 2007, make sure this is it!

Trivia question: what popular Sci Fi series star from the 60's also used to where one of those middle reducing corsets? Anybody? Yes! William Shatner on Star Trek!