Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More Kudos for Hulu

If you read Jane's previous post about the Hulu video interface on MySpace, you might already be turned on to this nice new service that's just made for TV lovers. I went to the Hulu website and signed up, and you should too! I'm watching an episode of Lost in Space right now, and the video is smooth -- no lag, seamless, better than AOL In2TV which though it has a tremendous library I find is not as nice a viewing experience.

The idea of getting TV online is one of my favorite things about the internet, and Hulu looks like it's going to be a good. And it's not just for classic TV lovers -- there are plenty of new shows on there, too!

Do check Hulu out and read Jane's post about hulu on MySpace! She called it first!

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Jane said...

Hey Lisa, thanks for the nice plug for Hulu! Glad to see you recognize what a great resource it is. I think it is one of the best sites for streaming video and I love that they have classic TV as well as new stuff! I hope people discover this soon.