Sunday, December 16, 2007

"EveryBody Lies" (Don't Read if you Have Not Seen Season Finale)

It's over. I feel strangely detached. Sort of like Dexter, I suppose. The season two finale has come and gone. Sgt. Doakes became the sacrificial lamb in a spectacularly staged explosion reminiscent of Apocalypse Now, and Lila was butchered for her treachery.

The brilliance of this episode, and in fact, of the entire season, was the underlying tapestry that "everyone lies". They are either lying to themselves like Angel, who saw first hand that Lila was Satan in a tank top, but followed her down a dark path with his libido leading the way. They are lying to themselves like Debra, who was too deeply in denial to see small lies (like Agent Lundy pretending that he would ever be anything but an aging workaholic), or monumental lies (like the creepiness at the underbelly of her own brother, who leads the ultimate double life). Even Rita the sugar queen is herself, to her kids. She is the type who wants everything to be fine, but that's never going to happen. There is never a fairy tale ending for people like Rita. The most she can ever hope for long term is an affordable mobile home and a beer bellied boyfriend who doesn't beat her. Instead she has Dexter, who she thinks is a God, but is instead the dark sociopath that walks among us with a box of donuts and a pleasant smile.

I feel very sad that Sgt Doakes had to die so horribly, and that his last days were torturous. That Dexter doesn't show any remorse whatsoever, even though he put Doakes in harms way, is immensely troubling. Dexter, killer of bad guys, has now caused a good cop's death, and he's so delighted to be off the hook, he's practically skipping off to Rita's for a little post murder roll in the hay. Please pass the pancakes before I gag.

Dear old Dad said, "don't get caught", but that's exactly why I'll be tuning in next season. I think Dexter will be going down.

OK, Nose fans, it's time to end the Dext-Fest and go on to some lighter fantasy fare. "American Idol" anyone? How about "Lost"? Both are right around the corner!


mabers said...

but i thought the reason that we love dexter is becase it's an indulgent fantasy world!? he is the dark avenger to clear the streets of truely rotten people, + the only way to continue that heroic journey is to protect himself from exposure. sure, i was beginning to like doakes as well, + he helped dex to see a diff. part of himself, but he had to go.
dexter is a heroic, gorgeous, + intricately complex character, constantly unraveling + maturing. i love him...while i hate that it will be on va-ca for 9 months:(, i do love lost as well.

Lisa said...

I'm all for Doakes haunting Dexter next season -- Doakes, due especially to Eric King's excellent work, had become sympathetic and was killed for his skills. Dexter's glee was extremely disturbing and monstrous, as it should be. I still think Deb and Lundy may have some bicoastal nookie, I'm hoping, but Deb has now truly found herself -- thanks in part to Lundy -- and will be stronger for it and even more interesting next season. The show was certainly set up for a great next year. There are no happy endings for this show, though.

Tomwill68 said...

I agree with your assessment of the episode almost completely except that Doakes is really not that innocent. He had been involved in at least two shootings on the job that seemed to be rather questionable. I think Doakes always wanted to position himself as the perfect child but actually had a very dark side as well. Did he deserve to die? Maybe/maybe not. Either way, it tied up a loose end that had to happen at some point - nice that it happened in such a grand way to close out the season.

BeefBus said...

Good take on all the lies everyone is telling themselves. I agree completely that it was unseemly the way Dexter boinked Rita almost literally over Doakes' dead body. The ending was TOO perfect for him. It's time for some comeuppance to come his way. They can take their time as long as we get it. Doakes haunting Dexter's mind would be a great start.