Monday, June 1, 2009

What's Better Than Bruno's Bum in Eminem's Face?

From last night's MTV Movie Awards --

I haven't even watched the whole show yet, but this is a highlight! (Of course, clueless Viacom seems determined to squash any distribution of this clip except watching some version of it on the MTV site, but we'll keep trying to find clips. If it's not working, blame it on Viacom!)

(Okay, Viacom keeps taking all the clips down, but you can watch the sequence on MTV UK's site, which is easier to watch than the U.S. site. Figures, right? Can I say Viacom is acting like a bunch of bastards?).

Love the shot of Zachary "Spock" Quinto watching the spectacle unfold!

You've gotta love live TV!


Jane said...

OMG. It's official, the MTV Movie Awards are now more outrageous than the MTV Video Awards. There have been plenty of bare bums on the latter (Prince, Howard Stern), but only Baron Cohen had the nerve to plant his down on a celebrity member of the audience! Poor Eminem...there goes his sobriety!

Jane said...

Maybe it's just me, but I prefer Mr. Quinto with a Vulcan bowl cut.

Lisa said...

So do I!

I apologize if the video isn't there -- Viacom keeps chasing down all the clips that have been posted on YouTube and elsewhere. I'll keep replacing it if I can find ones still up! Once again, the corporate powers don't understand the power of viral video! Idiotic bastards!

Jane said...

It was there early this morning. So frustrating when they do that. I was screaming while I watched it this morning at my co-workers probably thought I was having a stroke.

Lisa said...

Viacom is particularly virulent about knocking this stuff off the web anywhere. Really, really REALLY stupid of them. Stupid, nasty and snotty, too.