Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.I.P., Farrah Fawcett

News sources just announced that sixty-two year old Farrah Fawcett has succumbed to the cancer she so bravely fought for the last several years.

She had a long career in many projects over the years, but she'll always be one of Charlie's Angels to her many fans who loved her.

Her exceptional beauty and sunny personality brought her early attention in many television commercials, including this one for UltraBrite Toothpaste:

In addition to her lighter roles, Farrah Fawcett eventually achieved critical success for her roles in tougher dramas like the 1984 TV movie The Burning Bed and the 1986 film Extremities, which she had played on stage a few years before.

Here's an nice pictorial tribute to Farrah featuring a song she recorded with Jean-Paul Vignon:

A devoted fan has compiled a selection of special Farrah Fawcett moments from many of her movies and TV shows. We share that here with you, with thanks to YouTube subscriber MomentbyMoment1978.

In addition to her credits in show business as an actress, Farrah Fawcett showed that she had uncommon grace and courage as a human being during her long fight against her illness. We trust those qualities will be the ones that truly define her legacy as time goes by.

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Jane said...

How sad...two iconic television celebrities gone in a row. Thanks again for a lovely tribute.