Monday, June 1, 2009

Nurse Jackie: Just What the Doctor Ordered

OK everybody....if you let your Showtime subscription lapse, it's time to re-up again. Dexter is around the corner and in another week, we will have one more cure for the Monday blues. Nurse Jackie premiers on June 8th at 10:30pm. If you'd like a sneak peak of this dark medical comedy, there are several options for viewing. The website is streaming episode one, YouTube is also streaming the whole thing and if you are a cable subscriber with On Demand, the pilot is posted there as well.

I watched Nurse Jackie tonight and was quite impressed. Edie Falco, surely one of the finest and most accomplished character actresses working today, gives a no nonsense performance that is full of surprises. And here's the best part: from this time forth, we will never have to wonder who Dr. Gregory House (Fox Broadcasting) should hook up with. Calling Dr. House.... we've found your perfect woman. She's a workaholic (like you Greg!), addicted to pain killers (ditto for Dr. House) and super smart. Does House suffer fools gladly? No. Neither does our Jackie. She saves lives and she leads a double life. It's a match made in heaven.

Check out the preview below or go to the website and watch the whole thing. It's another winner, thanks Showtime!


Lisa said...

I just watched the first episode and liked it very much. We've all seen so many hospital-doctor-nurse variations in both drama, melodrama and comedy over the years that the only element that can truly stand out is a particularly interesting main character. Falco is incredibly moving and unique in the title role -- wow! In terms of what happens, I'm not sure there's anything hasn't been done at one time or another, but Falco's Nurse Jackie is someone we haven't seen before exactly. I can't wait for the next episodes. Edie Falco makes "Nurse Jackie" the most fascinating viewing experience out there. She is absolutely magnificent -- and would be Dr. House's perfect mate, you are right, Jane!

Lisa said...

I also wanted to post a link to the first episode on in case anybody from other than the U.S. wants to watch it. I was having trouble watching it on Canada's The Movie Network site -- really choppy video, not good! -- where the show will be airing up here, and of course Showtime, YouTube, et al geoblock non-US viewers. The only place I could get a clean view was here, and it will work for anybody, anywyhere:

Just copy and paste the URL in.
Thank you,!

Be sure to take a look at this potentially great new show!

Jane said...

I was downloading on iTunes tonight and noticed that they too were offering Nurse Jackie for free. It's all over the place. No excuse to not see this one!