Monday, June 1, 2009

Conan O'Brien Debuts as "The Tonight Show" Host...Tonight!

We'd be remiss if we didn't wish best of luck to the hilarious and talented Conan O'Brien as he takes over Jay Leno's slot as host of The Tonight Show. If you were a Leno fan (really? you were? really?!) and hate to see him leave, don't worry, you'll be seeing plenty of him this fall at 10pm every weeknight.

But rejoice! We're lucky to now have undoubtedly the most accomplished comedian in the show's host role since Steve Allen started the show in 1953, plus now we've got the equally hilarious Andy Richter along as his sidekick.

This is a beautiful thing, folks, great for late-night TV, great for comedy, and great for NBC! Here's a little video of the preparations as Conan's show moved West.


Jane said...

Way past my bedtime out here in LA, but my DVR is fired up and ready to roll. Tommy is a huge fan of Conan, so we are hoping we can find someone at NBC to give us tickets to a taping!

Jane said...

Oh boy. I actually forgot to set my DVR on this and ended up watching about 15 min of it while I ate my Lean Cuisine lunch at my desk on Hulu. The sound was terrible, the small screen felt diminishing? What to think? Oh well, the Nielsen ratings were quite huge.