Sunday, June 7, 2009

Interesting Take on "Nurse Jackie" and the Dramedy's television critic Heather Havrilevsky has a nice article about Showtime's Monday-premiering Nurse Jackie, and the whole half-hour dramedy format. You can read the article here. She brings up some cogent points about the genre that is so popular now -- Weeds, United States of Tara, now Nurse Jackie, among others -- and it will be fascinating to see how the form evolves. At least for now it certainly appears to be the one of the very best ways to see tremendous actresses like Mary Louise Parker, Toni Collette and now Edie Falco do their stuff.

We're excited about the Nurse Jackie around here, and I didn't want to neglect to mention the charismatic actor Haaz Sleiman who co-stars as Nurse Jackie's male nurse friend Mo-Mo. If you haven't seen last year's movie The Visitor (for which Richard Jenkins received a Best Actor Oscar nomination), you should, and you'll fall in love with Sleiman in it.

Nurse Jackie premieres tomorrow night on Showtime!


Jane said...

We know that the pilot has been available for over a week on the Showtime website, Hulu, iTunes and OnDemand cable (whether you subscribe to Showtime or not). I am expecting that will certainly not be true after the regular season begins, right? What have you heard?

Lisa said...

I wouldn't imagine so -- I think they were just using it as bait. And as you know, I had to hunt around to find one to watch from my location -- but they are out there. Fret not.