Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Little Moment with "Kung Fu" and David Carradine


Jane said...

What a perfect clip to put for a Carradine memorial. "Time for you to leave". Indeed. Although, for fans of this acting great, it feels way too soon.

Lisa said...

And now they are talking possible foul play...horrible.

Yes, I looked through quite a few clips before I found that one; was perfect for the circumstances.

Amy said...

As you'll see from my comment in the other post, I had a glimpse of the real Carradine a long time ago. If you ask me, he was still abusing drugs and/or alcohol. He was also a weird and angry guy, as evidenced by his behavior during an American Cinematheque screen and discussion of "Bound for Glory" this spring. Read the LA Times story in today's Calender section.