Friday, June 12, 2009

STS-127 Shuttle Mission: The Real Star Trek

Hello to all our US and Global Nose readers....sorry for the last minute post but we must give an update for the next Space Shuttle launch. Set your alarm clocks for 7am US Eastern (4am here on the west coast of the US) and everybody else around the world will have to do the math.
There are few things more magnificent than a space shuttle launch. Breathtaking on TV and, life changing in its explosive beauty if you are ever lucky enough to see one live. As some may already know, the Space Shuttle program is being phased out, while NASA determines the next best steps for mankind's reach for the stars. That being said, these final missions are television events to be treasured, so don't forget to set your clocks for tomorrow's latest mission. This particular adventure will involve more improvements for the International Space Station. You will be able to watch it on streaming. Or you can turn to Fox cable news, which apparently is the only network covering space shuttle launches on a regular basis. Tune to the Fox affiliate in your local area to see it on TV. If you click on the Nasa TV link above, you can see a live cam of the shuttle at night...waiting for it's moment of glory at dawn tomorrow.

To Commander Mark Polansky, Pilot Doug Hurley, Astronauts Dave Wolf and Cristopher Cassidy and Mission Specialists; Julie Payette (from Canada, Lisoid!), Tom Mashburn and Tim Kapra...we, your brothers and sisters still earthbound, wish you a safe and successful journey!

Posting below, a video of STS-109, an amazing shuttle launch that I witnessed in person at Cape Canaveral a few years ago with my son Tommy and sister Karine. It was a memorial launch for our brother, who had worked for NASA and passed away. We were there at the viewing mount before dawn, and got to see the Hubble cross over our heads. Seconds later, the Columbia took off, chasing the Hubble in a perfect parallel arc of triumph. The vapor trails stayed in the sky for a long time, as the sun came up over Florida.

That...was the best way to start a day, ever. Tune in tomorrow to watch a launch and see for yourself. TV ( or the Internet...if you watch it online streaming) does not get much better.

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Lisa said...

Beautiful post! Yes, all of Canada is buzzing about the brilliant and beautiful Canadian lady Astronaut!

I did a short post about the postponement of the launch, FYI.