Friday, November 7, 2008

Viral Video Moment: A Cat in a Box

cat n box

It has been a while since we've posted a Viral Video Moment on the Flaming Nose. Here's something a little light hearted, after this exhausting week of roller coaster Wall Street, the Presidential election and the ever spiraling economy. It's Friday...enjoy!


Lisa said...

What an excellent kitty!! Love the way he just puts his little paw out at the end, all done!

Thank you so much for posting this, Jane! An innocent laugh is quite a relief from this week's ups and downs and high emotional quotient!


Jane said...

What I love so much about this cat, is that even after his box diving escapades find him actually WEARING a box...he doesn't give up. He still finds it necessary pounce, yet another box. This whole week my son Tom and I have been debating whether cats are Republicans or Democrats. I think this video cat is a true libertarian.

Lisa said...

I would say that most cats are Dems -- a little less easy to herd, into freedom, pleasure-loving. But yes, a big libertarian component in the feline world. I don't see many conservatives, except for the scaredy cats that we've all met at times. But boy, mostly libertarian, you are right! :-)

Jane said...

Actually cats ARE Democats (LOL) and dogs are Republicans. I've seen the proof in this delightful comic strip that I have enjoyed so much over the years.