Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Greatest Show -- A Spectacular Meteor!

Now, nobody loves television more than The Flaming Nose, but boy, do we also love science and space! Did you read about the incredible meteor that flamed out over Edmonton, Alberta in Canada this past week? It was big news north of the border!

It was just after dark, and a police car in Edmonton had the dash cam on and captured the absolutely amazing explosion of the meteor!

Somebody else got it on their digital cam from their home -- you can see it at its maximum brightness then more of the aftermath as it broke up.

And here's an extended TV news report on the event, from Canada's Global Network:

And another newscast from CTV Network, and some great new security cam footage!

So that's your Awesome Science moment for today! Wow! Wish I had seen it!

Update 11/24: Here's a link to another amazing video, captured by a stationary camera, in Biggar, Saskatchewan! Stunning!

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Jane said...

I'm speechless. Possibly the only footage better than terrifying weather events (tornados...tsunamis...hurricanes and volcanos). This is truly a first, Lisa! Thanks for gracing the Nose with this amazing meteor. Makes me want to go visit the Starman crater in Arizona again!