Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nose-talgia: "Hubba Bubba" -- Our Very Own Dean Co-Stars in Vintage TNT Promo!

A treat for us! Back in the day when I was at TNT, we prided ourselves both on our love of television and our insistence on creativity. We had a wonderful crop of promotion producers -- some still there -- who loved TV as much as the Programming Dept. did. This is one of the efforts, an adorable singing promo for the series In The Heat of the Night, starring ITHOTN actor Alan Autry, who went on to become Mayor of Fresno, California; he's still in office now (until January) and also a radio talk show host!

Autry's character was named Bubba Skinner -- he was a hunk, hubba hubba! -- and so was born "Hubba Bubba"! With music and lyrics by Brian Matson, and the Jailbirds played by Dean and Blake (our Dean is the shorter Jailbird), this is a sweet blast from the past!



Jane said...

I was absolutely transfixed by this musical video promo! Especially seeing our own Dean T., who has a great flair for comedy. Lisoid, didn't you make any of these gems at TNT! Please put one of yours on!

Lisa said...

I didn't MAKE anything -- Programming just begged the other departments to make wonderful promos, and occasionally it worked! :-) We encouraged rampant silliness! Those were the days!

Dean Treadway said...

HUBBA BUBBA LIVES!!! What a great promo, if I do say so myself. And can I say that Alan was a wonderful guy! Brian, Blake and I worked pretty intimately on this piece, and it went on to win an award at ProMax! I even got a fruit basket from Scott Sassa!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I have never seen this before. Hilarious! -Cynthia