Monday, November 3, 2008

On Tuesday, TV (And the Internet!) Will Be All About the US Presidential Election

The Flaming Nose has tried very hard to be a blog about TV and not about politics. But tomorrow's election will surely be a landmark and extraordinary television event, and we are all about showing the amazing power of television to inform as well as entertain. There is no doubt that Tuesday's airwaves in the US will be dominated by election coverage on every channel that has a news outlet. Just as record numbers of voters will be lining up to cast their ballot, there will surely be record ratings for viewers turning on their television sets to see what's happening at the polls.

But I predict that this election, historic in so many ways, will also be a night of firsts for the web. There will be enormous numbers of people surfing the net for more detailed information, in addition to what they are seeing on TV. I can only hope that my cable company will have the bandwidth to survive the hoards!

In order to assist those who want to have concurrent TV viewing and Internet using, I'm posting a list of all the main news sites I can think of below. No need to vote for TV or Internet; tomorrow night the most perfect flow of information will come from a total convergence of both.

ABC News
BBC News
CBS News
CNN News
FOX News Channel
NBC News
NY Times

Good luck America. All eyes will be upon you tomorrow. And no matter who wins the election tomorrow, we all know who won in television during the course of this campaign.... and that surely must be Saturday Night Live!


Scott said...

My friend Randy emailed me the funniest thing.. she has Direct TV and they offer a channel where you can watch 8 networks simultaneously! It's an 8-box thing like we have in the newsroom! Priceless.
I did my civic duty before work... waited an hour to vote but the folks on the line were fun... time went by quickly.

Lisa said...

This is one morning-after that feels really great!!


amy said...

:-D I'll say! What a relief. So glad it's over. Like last night, television coverage today was historic. You could literally feel the energy, pride and joy coming through the set -- even from a few notable Republicans.

Jane said...

It's finally over! A smooth transition and night of pride for Americans, no matter what your political affiliation. Everyone should feel great about the record turnout of voters. The TV ratings were huge too (for the record...ABC news was #1, followed by CNN). This is was one election where apathy pretty much did not exist. My son was also very happy to vote for the first time in his life.