Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tim DeKay -- Another Good Reason to Watch "The New Adventures of Old Christine"

As if tuning in to support Wanda Sykes weren't enough, there's another terrific reason to watch tonight's The New Adventures of Old Christine on CBS. Actor Tim DeKay, a Flaming Nose favorite, is in the middle of a three-episode run as Christine's new boyfriend. DeKay, who was featured in last year's HBO adult drama Tell Me You Love Me (as the frustrated suburban husband and father), and earlier garnered many fans for his charismatic role as Jonesy in HBO's ambitious and sensational period drama Carnivale, is a welcome addition to TNAoOC, even for a short while.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Christine) and DeKay have done screen time together before, in two segments of Seinfeld -- DeKay played Elaine's boyfriend aka "Bizarro Jerry" in the episode of the same title. Tim DeKay is also on deck to star in a pilot for USA called White Collar about an FBI agent who teams up with a con man (Matthew Bomer). They call it a drama, but in light of jocular adventure dramas on USA like Burn Notice, we'll assume it's also got some lighter moments.

DeKay has an agreeable regular-guy personality and looks that bely his dramatic prowess, and we especially remember the harrowing, horrifying and unforgettable moment in Carnivale where Jonesy was captured and tarred. In terms of sheer agony, the scene of Jonesy's tarring far exceeded even the shock of a similar event in HBO's John Adams miniseries, when the British tax agent got the same treatment, plus feathering.

So please give The New Adventures of Old Christine a look tonight, at 8pm on CBS! How many more reasons do we have to give you? How about just one more -- it's hilarious!

P.S.: On a more serious note, Tim DeKay is also a spokesperson for Artists United for Freedom, an organization which fights modern day slavery in all its manifestations. Here's a short message from him on the subject:

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