Thursday, November 20, 2008

New "Star Trek" Movie Trailer!

We would be betraying our natures if The Flaming Nose didn't post this brand-spanking new trailer for the upcoming J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie -- we're huge fans of everything Star Trek and can't wait for it!

Wow! Boy, do we hope it's great! Though we all grew on up Star Trek: The Original Series and every other one since then, we're always up for a new adventure with the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise!

For more on the movie also worth reading, though only if taken with a huge grain of salt, is Entertainment Weekly's recent article on the new movie. They tried a little too hard to hammer the nail into the Star Trek franchise coffin, with descriptions like "retro sci-fi cheese" and "near-irrelevant cultural joke" and "defunct old property" strewn throughout the article. All right, a series spawned forty years ago needed a juice-up, duh! When you consider the total number of hours of programming which emerged from Roddenberry's vision, Trek is the most vital science fiction property ever. Why didn't EW just go ahead and kick Shakespeare in the nuts while they were pummelling Star Trek -- he's a little dusty, too!

But I digress! We're here to love on the new Star Trek trailer. It's beautiful! We can't wait until May 2009!

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Jane said...

Oh my God I CAN'T WAIT! The trailer is fantastic! I love this cover of EW too, I kept it lying around my house for a long time. That young Spock is a dead ringer for Nimoy. I'm a JJ Abramson fan too, so it's all win-win-win for me. Anyone who says that the original Star Trek is cheesy or out dated or in anyway compromised it in some sort of an ironic post-modern bubble. Star Trek is alive and well and it crosses all age ranges, from young kids to teens to families, etc. Scroll back to the Star Trek tour that I posted on (and Karen) a few months back. There was every age range of people there, not just boomers longing for the "old" Trek. Star Trek is a GLOBAL phenomenon that has enormous, unlimited "legs" and will still be here in the 22nd Century. Most real astronauts say that Star Trek was their inspiration to strive for a career in space to begin with. Star Trek is and always will be huge. I'm surprised it hasn't become a cult religion yet. Maybe it has.