Sunday, November 9, 2008

Animated Fun on HBO: "The Life and Times of Tim"

As if TrueBlood, Entourage, and the new Summer Heights High weren't enough to make up a super Sunday night on HBO, we recommend you stick around for their animated comedy The Life and Times of Tim, which has been airing since the end of September.

I came a little late to the party but have caught up and I'm completely loving this droll creation of award-winning real-life ad man Steve Dildarian. The titular Tim is completely hapless, manipulated by his boss, his girlfriend and everybody else around him into situations that he knows are going to mess him up. Dildarian also voices Tim. Here's an amusing little clip that will give you a hint of the flavor of TLATOT:

I love Tim's hangdog personality, Dildarian's droll delivery, and the strong absurdist sensibility that makes The Life and Times of Tim a new favorite of The Flaming Nose. It's animated in a charming minimalist style, perfectly capturing the everyday near-drabness of Tim's beleagured existence. This show will grow on you!

The Life and Times of Tim airs on HBO Sunday evenings at 11pm, now following the new Summer Heights High which premieres tonight. There's the link to HBO's Tim website where you can learn more about this delightful series.

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