Friday, July 18, 2008

What Was On (In Space)

Fans of The Flaming Nose know that we're crazy about space travel, real or imagined. An amazing website Square America: A gallery of vintage snapshots and vernacular photography, which collects and exhibits wonderful images, is featuring a television-related selection entited "What Was On (In Space)". To quote their website:

What Was On (In Space) - Space Exploration of the 60s & Early 70s the way most people experienced it: on grainy black & white TV sets. 50 photographs of the television coverage of some of the Gemini and Apollo missions, a few of them as other-worldly as space travel itself.

Trust me, it's as incredible as it sounds. Thanks to my good ol' former colleague Phil for pointing me to this super site. Once you check it out you'll be mesmerized. Do go to their homepage and take a look at everything they have to offer...and prepare to be enthralled.

Interest in the whole "found photography" genre is growing, and after you get hooked you'll be perusing all the excellent sites in Square America's link section. Enjoy!

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Jane said...

A few of these strange old pix are so magnificent, they become art. I copied the photo of the blond lady with the bouffant hair-do, in the back of the yard flooded with what looks like pure Southern California sunlight. It's fascinating. Thanks for passing along the link, Lisoid.