Friday, July 11, 2008

Nose-Talgia: Capri Pants = "Gidget"

Now that we're like totally into summer -- even up here in Nova Scotia -- it's time to make clear the television connection to contemporary hot weather garb. Except for at work (probably), do women wear anything but capris anymore at this time of the year? I'm talking women, not young girls or very young ladies who can do the shorts thing with impunity. I think -- I see -- that capris are the pants of choice, and there are exactly two reasons why:

1.) No matter how tall you are or aren't, you don't have to hem them. They just work as is, and what a relief that is.


2.) Every woman feels a little like Gidget when she wears them. A little perkier than usual, a little peppier than she really is -- just plain more Gidget-y.

You ladies will know what I mean, I think. I offer up a poster from the original 1959 Gidget movie, except it's actually Cliff Robertson as The Big Kahuna who's wearing the capris -- or I guess he would have called them "clam diggers" -- not Gidget herself, Sandra Dee. You get the idea, though.

And to tie this back into TV, let's have a short Nose-talgia video moment with the opening credits to the 1965 ABC Gidget series starring Sally Field. I know that those of us of a certain age will remember this theme song like it was yesterday. Enjoy!


amy said...

I love capri pants and I love Gidget. Did you know there are no more Gidget girls out here in So Cal anymore? Their new name is Gadget. Instead of boys and surfboards, they have IPODS and cell phones. By the way, Lisa, just how cold is it in Nova Scotia?

Lisa said...

I also love capris! I'm sad to see the L.A. Gidgets go...though I guess that more girls would qualify as Gadgets, eh? More inclusive. Heck, I might have even qualified as a Gadget, whereas I never was a Gidget -- except when I'm wearing my capris!

It sure isn't cold here now -- been around 80 to 90 for a few days. Of course winter is cool/cold but I don't think as bad as where you and Jane grew up. Of course, weather patterns are cuckoo these days and we don't even get that much snow anymore. I'll have to go outside, take and post a summer Nova Scotia photo -- not a polar bear in sight! :-)

Jane said...

I bought a new pair of denim capris yesterday in honor of this post! Don't you just love the Gidget song? Hey I am all moved in to my new place and I think I will definitely win the heat wars. It's supposed to be close to 100 today!

Dean Treadway said...

Just thought you might be interested to know that GIDGET poster you have as an illustation has somehow found its way into my poster collection. But mine is in Spanish!

Dean Treadway said...

By the way, is there anyone cuter than Sally Field? No way!!! Still looks great, too! Can't wait to see her as Mary Todd Lincoln! Anyway, what a babe---and a great theme song to Gidget. Never seen one episode of that, but could watch it just to ogle Sally!!!

Scott said...

I love seeing Sally Field as a teen. She so successfully overcame that image that now it's fun to look back and see her in 1965!
Nowadays, guys wear capri pants, esp here in Southern California. My favorite capri pants were worn by Mary Tyler Moore on "The Dick Van Dyke Show."
Great dose of Nose-Talgia Lisa!