Friday, July 11, 2008

The First "Rescue Me" Minisode!

In case you missed its premiere this past Tuesday, here's Fast, the first of the brand-new minisodes of FX's Rescue Me, designed to keep us satisfied until the show returns for its 5th season with full episodes early next year. Need we mention that there is some salty language? It's one of the charms of this raunchy, hard-edged and addictive series starring the ferociously talented Dennis Leary. Rescue Me is a Flaming Nose Favorite, and of course you can catch up with the previous episodes via DVD.

There will be ten minisodes in all, unveiling each Tuesday night at 10pm. We also applaud the decision to allow these videos to be shared on websites and blogs. Good move, FX!



joy said...

Drama, intensity, and heat. All components of Rescue Me and a great show. Denis Leary is a phenomenal actor and if it weren't for this show, we never would have known it. This show is realistic and entertaining. It is hilarious, deep with great performances.Enjoy the show, because I know I do.

joy said...

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