Monday, July 14, 2008

"Matt Dancing" -- A New Kind of TV

Our own Jane shared it via email last week with friends, friends from all over have been sharing it with other friends -- millions and millions and millions of them -- and now the Matt Harding "Dancing" video(s) are making big news in mainstream media. Many of the stories are kind of "gee whiz, I thought I'd hate this but I really liked it" and frankly amazed that the sponsor Stride Gum seems to be thoroughly decent in all aspects of its involvement. You'd think that everybody has seen it by now -- and by it I mean the latest video which has kids and assorted other folks sometimes dancing with him, and there are earlier versions -- but this is a big world and because it really is a charming, kinda life-affirming look at Earth and the many folks on it, even I think that it couldn't hurt to pass it around more. It's got to be good karma for The Flaming Nose, don't you think?

One thing we all need to remember is that you can make people watch something, maybe once -- cajole or even bully them into it -- but you can't MAKE them fall in love with it. That's a spontaneous thing, and just as we fall in love with TV shows and movies and songs and people, so folks are falling in love with this video. So be it. So here's Matt. Dancing. Enjoy!


Dr Zibbs said...

That dance looks easy and dumb but it's actually difficult and if you read between the steps you'll see the graceful swan

Jane said...

Lisa, I am thrilled that a viral email I sent ended up on the Nose! I thought it was so wonderful, and it is cutting edge on what's hot on the Internet. Also, Dean's "Retarded Policeman" is also burning up the radio waves, etc. for hot in LA. I love that we are cross polinating TV-Web and all media. Yay! How cool!