Monday, July 28, 2008

So, How Did Everybody Like "Mad Men" Last Night?

I did an intensive on AMC's Mad Men in anticipation of last evening's 2nd season opener. I watched all 13 of the first season episodes on Saturday and Sunday, finishing the last one about ten minutes before the new season started. For those of you who are already hooked on the series, you understand completely -- the show is terrific. For those of you who haven't fallen for it yet, dig right in -- you can find the earlier eps online (let us know if you can't find them) -- and catch up. Don't wait any longer.

For the uninitiated, I can see where last night's episode might seem a tad underwhelming -- this show is definitely cool, in all ways -- but much is afoot. Don has some male performance issues, his wife is getting frisky -- from all that horseback riding -- and flirty -- with that mechanic -- and the gals in the office just met Mr. Xerox machine. And Peggy, the young female copywriter (played so well by Elisabeth Moss) who had a mysterious -- to her, even -- pregnancy and delivered a baby in the season finale, seems to have ditched the kid and slimmed down. I guess we all know that the duplicitous and creepy nearly androgynous-looking Pete Campbell has to be the father, but he's balking at getting his own wife pregnant at home. Definitely much afoot there! You'll find a thorough synopsis of the episode on AMC's Mad Men website here, and also synopses of all previous seasons episodes plus an overall Season One review. Good stuff!

Here's a peek at last night's episode, with commentary from Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner:

What did you think of the 2nd season premiere episode "For Those Who Think Young"?


Jane said...

I had to TiVo it because it came on so late and managed to watch the first 15 minutes this morning with coffee before I had to race off for work. Arrrrgggghhhh, it looked so good, I wanted to stay and watch the whole thing. I made it to the scene where Don is dissing their creative ideas for an airline spot. Yay...give me more real ad agency moments! I love the soapy stuff too so far, and it looks like little Peggy is getting some major back bone, now that she's post-preggers and hanging out in the conference room with the guys. Absolutely can't wait for more.

Jane said...

Here's a link to a cool Top 10 Things you should know about Mad Men in today's Entertainment,,20215036,00.html