Sunday, July 6, 2008

"Mad Men" Returns July 27th With Season 2 Premiere On AMC

Who can keep track of cable? Who gets TV guide anymore? This is a reminder for those of you who are addicted to this stylish, well written, brilliantly acted and superbly directed series. If you're feeling the summer doldrums "Mad Men" is what the doctor ordered!

10pm (9 central) on AMC

Meanwhile, enjoy this clip from last season:


Lisa said...

No kidding about the TV Guide! It's amazing that I'm sure so many of us NEVER look at any guide at all -- of course you with TIVO and such have gone all techy with it -- but the rest of us kind of run into stuff we like or whatever. Amazing how the whole notion of how we find out what's on TV is different now. Which, of course, is why The Flaming Nose exists!

We will have to cover "Mad Men" in more detail as the 2nd season preem approaches! Thanks for the tantalizing reminder of its imminent return! There was a wonderful article a couple weeks ago in the NY Times magazine which we will link to at that point. MM is a great show that needs more viewers and as we know it's never too late to get into a show. "Mad Men" is a Flaming Nose Favorite, for sure!

Dean Treadway said...

After JOHN ADAMS, I'm watching the first season. Given that Matthew Weiner is the creator, how can we go wrong? His work on THE SOPRANOS is top notch.

Think there's a possibility that MAD MEN could be in the running for Best Dramatic Series this year?

Scott said...

I think it has a very good shot at winning.

Jane said...

We can have dueling Mad Men posts, just like with did with Dexter and John Adams. Can't wait!